Twist Outs, Cuts & Treatments

Style Name: Twist outs | Salon Time: 2-5 hrs | Style will last: 1-4 weeks | Includes Shampoo: Yes

Style Info: Twist Outs are the head turning style that’s allows you to rock your natural hair with maximum personality & volume. Twist outs maximize the volume and curl pattern of your natural hair. They are a two-step process that does require completely dry hair when opening the twists to ensure longevity of style and optimal curl definition.

Twist Outs Adult
Flat Twist Twist Out 75+
Two Strand Twist Twist Out 90+
Coil Twist Out 90+
Flexi Rod Twist Out 90+
*Long/ Thick/ Knotty hair surcharge * add 10-30
*Extra detangling *add10-30

Style Name: Coils | Salon Time: 1-3 hrs | Style will last: 3-5 weeks | Includes Shampoo: Yes

Style Info: This is a great style for people of all ages with short natural hair.

Coils Adult
Coils – M 80+
Coils - S 85+
*Long /Thick/ Knotty Hair Surcharge *add10-30
*Extra detangling *add10-30

Style Name: Natural Hair Treatments & Grooming | Salon Time: 15mins- 1.5 hr | Style will last: N/A | Includes Shampoo: Yes

Style Info: Treatments & trims are the two of the most important parts of growing healthy natural hair. These services should be accompanied with a style and can be done as much as needed. Conditioning treatments provide moisture for the hair shaft, while hot oil scalp treatments moisturize the scalp. Trims should be done at a minimum of twice year to remove knotty/split ends.

Shampoo & Condition 15
Shampoo & Blow Dry 35
Shampoo/Deep Condition or Steam Treatment/Blow dry 45
Shampoo/Hot Oil Treatment/Blow Dry 45
Hot Oil or Conditioning Treatment w/full service 15
*Additional Charges Long /Thick/ Knotty hair Surcharge additional 10-30
Natural Hair Trim/Shaping (includes Shampoo & Blow Dry) 60
Natural Hair Trim w/full service 40
*Additional Charges: Long /Thick/ Knotty hair Surcharge additional 10-30