What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa and MasterCard

Do you need an appointment for a consultation?

No appointment needed for a consultation. We do recommend calling the salon before you come to come to give us a heads up if you plan on coming closer to closing hours. During the week (Wednesdays and Thursdays) are usually the best days for consultations. All consultations are free and our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to help you with questions and styling options.

Do you have free Wi-Fi?


Do you accept walk-ins?

In order to respect our clients’ time and allow our stylists’ to have a balanced life we are an appointment only salon. If we do have time in our schedule we will accommodate same day appointments.

Do you have children's pricing?

We do not have children pricing.

Do you straighten hair at NappStar?

At NappStar we do not straighten hair. We do however blow dry some of our natural hair clients depending on what style they desire.

Do you have to cut off all your hair to start locs?

If you have long hair and it is all natural you do not have to cut your hair. However, if your hair has any relaxer or heat damage then yes you will have to cut off the portion of your hair that’s been processed and start with what’s all natural (and healthy).

How long does my hair have to be start locs?

Depending on how tight your curl pattern hair is and what size locs you want, you need 3-6 inches of hair to start locs. The looser your curl pattern is the longer it will need to be to start the locing process. If you are not interested in going through the locing process you can have Permanent Loc Extensions installed which will give you instant length to achieve your desired loc styles and look.

Can I get my hair done at NappStar even if my hair isn’t natural?

Of Course!! We welcome anyone to come in and receive our services no matter what texture hair you have.

Why are loc extensions so expensive?

Loc extensions are individually hand crafted human hair locs. They will be specific to your hair type and your desired length and style. The process takes 1-2 days depending on size and length (this would take Mother Nature 2-10 years). Loc extensions can last up to 5 years and are meant to be a permanent hairstyle that your locs grow into.

Do you do Sistalocs?

No we do not maintenance Sistalocs. We do however style, treat, cut and repair SistaLocs.