Loc Maintenance

Style Name: Starter Locs | Salon Time: 1-3 hrs | Style Will last: 2-6 weeks | Includes Shampoo: Yes

Style Info: Starter locs are the foundation of your locs. Having a NappStar loc expert start your locs will ensure equal loc sizes throughout your head and correct locs sizing for your particular curl pattern & desired look. Nappstar stylist use a brick-lay pattern and coils to start all locs clients.
*If you have no defined curl pattern, wavy or straight hair a consultation is mandatory to ensure the proper technique is used to start your locs.

Starter Locs Adult Kids
Xtra Large 80+ 65+
Large 85+ 75+
Medium 95+ 80+
Small(medium) 105+ 85+
Small 125+ 90+
Extra Small 140+
*Long hair/knotty hair/extra detangling Surcharge *add 10-50

Style Name: Loc Retwist | Salon Time: 2-4 hrs | Style will last: 3-8 weeks | Includes Shampoo: Yes

Style Info: Loc retwist consists of comb twisting locs at the root with a water-based putty, and setting you under the dryer until locs are dry. Most clients add a loc style to this service.

Loc Retwist Adult Kids
Rewist- XL 60+ 50+
Retwist – L 70+ 55+
Retwist – M 80+ 60+
Retwist – S/M 90+ 75+
Retwist-S 100+
Retwist-Extra Small 120+
*Damaged/unkempt locs *add 10-50

Style Name: Loc Perimeter Touch Up | Salon Time: 15 min -45 min | Style will last: 1-2 weeks | Includes Shampoo: No

Style Info: Loc touch ups are great for clients who need a sprucing in between regular loc maintenance visits and is usually accompanied with a loc style.

Loc Touch Up Adult Kids
Perimeter Retwist Front Row- XL-S/M 15+ 15+
Perimeter Retwist Front Row- S-XS 25+ 20+
Full Perimeter Retwist- XL-S/M 30+ 18+
Full Perimeter Retwist- S-XS 40+ 25+
*Front row only, each additional row *add 10-20
*Witch hazel scalp cleaning *add 5

Loc Styling

Style Name: Loc Styles | Salon Time:15 mins—2.5hrs | Style will last: 1-6 weeks | Includes Shampoo: No

Style Info: Loc styles will enable clients to have versatility in their look and allows them to express their personality through their locs. Loc styles are an additional service added on to the loc maintenance service or a loc touch up service or it can be serviced alone.
*Prices vary due to complexity of style and amount of locs

Loc Styles Adult Kids
Basic/ Partial Style 10+ 7+
Basic Updo 15+ 10+
Complex Updo 20+ 15+
Flexi Rod Curls 20+ 15+
Updo w/Flexi Rod Curls 30+ 20+
Two Strand Twists/Plaits/Ropes 20+ 15+
Loc Curls 20-30 15
Updo w/Two Strand Twists/Plaits/Ropes 30+ 20+
Full head Petals 30+ 20+
*Long/ small Locs Surcharge * add 5-40

Loc Extensions

Style Name: Faux (Temporary) Loc Extensions | Salon Time: 6-16 hrs | Style will last: 1-4 months | Includes Shampoo: Yes

Style Info: Faux Loc Extensions are a two-step process that is made to give the “look” of locs and are temporary. Faux loc extensions can be made with synthetic “Marley hair" or yarn (yes yarn!). Even though these extensions look like natural locs, they cannot be manipulated the same and should not be used to start locs due to the wight of the hair and the technique.
*Clients are required to provide their own hair/yarn for this service.
*A $150 cash non-refundable deposit is mandatory to set an appointment for faux locs.

Faux Loc Extensions L M S
4 in. 250 270 300
6 in. 280 300 340
8 in. 310 330 370
10 in. 340 370 420
12 in. 370 420 460
14 in. 400 440 500
16 in. 430 450 540
20 in. 460 480 580

Style Name: Permanent Loc Extensions | Salon Time: 6-24 hrs | Style will last: up to 5 yrs | Includes Shampoo: Yes

Style Info: Permanent loc extensions are customized to each client’s hair based on their natural hair texture, length of hair, desired loc size, and overall hair health. The extensions are handmade with 100% kinky human hair, and take 6-24 hrs to install depending on desired size and length. Permanent loc extensions will grow with your locs and are made last to last up to 5 years with good maintenance. These extensions are made to mimic natural locs and can be manipulated in the same manner. (i.e. they can be curled/crinkled, colored, etc.). These extensions are great for clients who are sure they want locs but don’t have the patience to go through the locing phase, or clients with locs who want more length instantly.
*The additional charge for loc extensions is the hair. The 100% human tight Afro kinky hair is sold at the salon for $30/pack. If you want to provide your own hair it must be approved by the salon or services will not be rendered (bad quality hair can jeopardize the quality of our work).
*A free consultation and $250 non-refundable deposit are mandatory for full/partial head loc extensions appointments.

Permanent Loc Extensions L M S
4 in. 595 680 850
6 in. 765 850 935
8 in. 850 935 1020
10 in. 1020 1275 1445
12 in. 1105 1360 1530
14 in. 1280 1445 1615
16 in. 1520 1700 1940
18 in. 1605 1870 2090
20 in. 1780 1955 2175
22 in. 1910 2125 2310
*Afro kinky human hair *add 30/pack

Style Name: Loc Restoration | Salon Time: 10 mins-1hr | Include hair: No | Includes Shampoo: No

Style Info: Locs that experience wear and tear such as fallen locs, weak locs and/or broken locs can receive restoration services. Stylist use 100% human hair and specialized techniques to preform these services and can be done on their own or accompanied with other services. These services can be booked by the hour or by the loc.
*Human hair not included in price.

Loc Restoration
Loc Extensions 85/hr or 8+/loc + hair
Loc Repair 85/hr or 3+/loc + hair
Reattaching Locs 85/hr or 7+/loc + hair
Sewing/wrapping locs 85/hr

Loc Cuts & Treatments

Style Name: Loc Cuts | Salon Time: 15-45mins | Style will last: N/A | Includes Shampoo: No

Style Info: Maintaining a healthy length for your locs is important to overall loc and scalp health. Locs that are too long can pull at the scalp and will cause thinning. Occasionally locs also may need a fuzzy trim to remove excess hairs along the loc, which will deliver a neater mane of hair.

Loc Cuts
Loc Bang Cut 7
Loc One-Length Cut 15+
Loc Long Layer Cut 25+
Loc Short Layered Cut 30+
Loc Bob Cut 40+
Loc Fuzzy Trim 50/hr

Style Name: Loc Treatments | Salon Time: 15-45 mins | Style will last: N/A | Includes Shampoo: No

Style Info: Loc treatments can be applied as often as necessary and should be accompanied with a full loc retwist.

Loc Treatments
Extra Shampoo for Excess Buildup 5
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse w/ Full service 5
Witch Hazel Rinse to Remove odor 5
Hot Oil Treatment w/ Full service 10
Deep Conditioning Treatment w/ Full service 15
Baking Soda Treatment w/ Full service 20