Loc Maintenance

Style Name: Starter Locs | Salon Time: 1-3 hrs | Style Will last: 2-6 weeks | Includes Shampoo: Yes

Style Info: Starter locs are the foundation of your locs. Having a NappStar loc expert start your locs will ensure equal loc sizes throughout your head and correct locs sizing for your particular curl pattern & desired look. Nappstar stylist use a brick-lay pattern and coils to start all locs clients.
*If you have no defined curl pattern, wavy or straight hair a consultation is mandatory to ensure the proper technique is used to start your locs.

Starter Locs Adult Kids
Xtra Large 80+ 65+
Large 85+ 75+
Medium 95+ 80+
Small(medium) 105+ 85+
Small 125+ 90+
Extra Small 140+
*Long hair/knotty hair/extra detangling Surcharge *add 10-50

Style Name: Loc Retwist | Salon Time: 2-4 hrs | Style will last: 3-8 weeks | Includes Shampoo: Yes

Style Info: Loc retwist consists of comb twisting locs at the root with a water-based putty, and setting you under the dryer until locs are dry. Most clients add a loc style to this service.

Loc Retwist Adult Kids
Rewist- XL 60+ 50+
Retwist – L 70+ 55+
Retwist – M 80+ 60+
Retwist – S/M 90+ 75+
Retwist-S 100+
Retwist-Extra Small 120+
*Damaged/unkempt locs *add 10-50

Style Name: Loc Perimeter Touch Up | Salon Time: 15 min -45 min | Style will last: 1-2 weeks | Includes Shampoo: No

Style Info: Loc touch ups are great for clients who need a sprucing in between regular loc maintenance visits and is usually accompanied with a loc style.

Loc Touch Up Adult Kids
Perimeter Retwist Front Row- XL-S/M 15+ 15+
Perimeter Retwist Front Row- S-XS 25+ 20+
Full Perimeter Retwist- XL-S/M 30+ 18+
Full Perimeter Retwist- S-XS 40+ 25+
*Front row only, each additional row *add 10-20
*Witch hazel scalp cleaning *add 5