Faux Loc Extensions are a two-step process (combination of twisting and then wrapping) that is are made to give the “look” of locs. Faux loc extensions can be made with synthetic hair, yarn, or a blend of synthetic and human hair. Even though these extensions look like natural locs, they cannot and should not be manipulated the same, and should not be used to start locs due to the weight of the hair and parting.

Traditional Faux Locs- look like natural locs but have a shine and are made with synthetic hair. The ends are burnt to give a blunt tip, just like natural locs.
Goddess Locs- Look similar to traditional faux locs but are bumpier along the locs, and have loose curly hair at the end of each loc to give it a softer more feminine finish.

Step 1:
Start with a relaxing Shampoo Service: $25

Step 2:
Choose Goddess Locs or Traditional Faux Locs

Step 3:
Choose your Length:

  • Shoulder length
  • Mid-back length

Step 4:
Find your Price for Service

  • NappStar loc parting
  • Customized oil blend for scalp

Length Goddess Locs Price Faux Locs Price
Bob (under chin) X $350
Shoulder Length 350 500
Mid-Back 500 750

Step 5:
Come into salon to:

  • Consult with a stylist to answer your questions and asses your hair and curl pattern
  • Make a 50% CASH (NON REFUNDABLE) deposit to set your appointment